With any business, keeping track of every moving piece and project can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to jewelry manufacturing and design. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to take advantage of the lockdown to catch up on a backlog of other tasks that often lose priority to more pressing matters.

To set yourself and your business up for future success, take a look at your security from every angle to protect and properly manage your assets. Learn more about the five steps that will help you decrease security risks and optimize your business. 

  • Audit and securely save usernames and passwords.

With running a business come countless online accounts—which also means dozens of usernames and passwords to keep track of. It’s not always easy to remember each combination, which can lead to constantly resetting passwords, writing down codes, and most of all, a lot of frustration. But there are better, and safer, ways to keep track of this sensitive information while also protecting yourself. 

If you are using the same password for multiple accounts or have insecure passwords, first update each of your passwords to be stronger. Recommended passwords are at least 16 characters long and have a mix of different characters like numbers, letters, and symbols. Be sure to not reuse your passwords, and create unique credentials for every account. Once you’ve created your new and stronger passwords, store them in a dedicated password management system like Dashlane or 1Password to keep them secure and make it easier to reference them when needed.

  • Review and update safe combinations, keys, and alarm codes.

The physical security of your business is as equally important as your digital security. Be sure to protect your business against damage and theft by implementing things like security systems, fire protection, and anti-theft measures. If you haven’t already put these things in place, this is an important first step. If you already have your alarm system in place, take this time to closely review your policy. Ensure that it is up-to-date and accurately reflects the current state of your business. 

  • Organize and secure ownership of CAD files, molds, and models.

Physical and digital storage can be a tedious task that is often overlooked or deprioritized. When you have a slow period, take advantage of the time to get your organizational systems in order. Start by assessing and inventorying your CAD files, molds, and models. Make sure you have the correct files for all of your designs and confirm you know exactly where all of the models and molds are stored. 

  • Review and update insurance policies.

When establishing your business, it’s essential to protect yourself. Reread all of your policies—like property insurance, workers’ compensation, and product liability insurance—to ensure that you know the details and check that the policy is still accurate. If you’ve upgraded your office or workspace, expanded your product line, or added new company vehicles, these are all changes that can impact your insurance coverage. Make updates as needed to guarantee you’re adequately insured. 

  • Secure social media accounts.

Your social media accounts are, in many ways, the public face of your business. They serve as a way for you to connect with your clients and generate new leads for your business, which means it’s vital to keep them safe and secure. 

In addition to choosing a strong password, it’s important to enable two-factor authentication on your accounts. By requiring the addition of a pin sent through email or text message, two-factor authentication helps mitigate the risk of unwanted users accessing your account. Be sure to also update your permissions and change your passwords periodically to prevent any unauthorized access. 

Set yourself up for future success.

When business slows, think of it as a chance to get organized and secure your assets. Use the extra time to dive into every aspect of your business so, in the long run, you can make more informed and smarter business decisions. And when business returns to normal, Riva Precision is there to help with all of your manufacturing needs.