We are pleased to announce the refresh of our corporate brand, complete with a new logomark and website. The new branding represents our expertise in designing and manufacturing elegant, handcrafted jewelry for retailers.

“Since our inception, RIVA was built on the concept of servant leadership. We have found ourself at the forefront of jewelry manufacturing by serving and supporting growth in both our customers and our employees,” said Ted Doudak, founder and CEO of RIVA.

“Our new brand represents our expertise in applying precision engineering to the elegance of the jewelry we manufacture and our steadfast commitment to producing jewelry in the USA.”

Much like the values and guiding principles of RIVA Precision Manufacturing, a stag gleans wisdom with the passing of time, its antlers representing the authenticity, mastery, and empowerment of its experiences. Our new brand logomark represents the dependability and elegance of the jewelry we manufacture. Central to the message of the mark, a cut diamond hidden in the negative space created by the crossing antlers represents the precision of RIVA’s engineered art.