By: Scott White, RIVA Precision Manufacturing
Any business’ most valuable assets are their employees, making them an essential element to the success of any company. With employees contributing so much value, it is crucial for employers to allocate time, attention, and resources to their well-being. One of the most effective ways to care for employees is through the establishment and implementation of an employee health and wellness program.
At Riva Precision Manufacturing, we have established a comprehensive health and wellness program that is continually being adjusted and added to with only one purpose in mind: to maximize the comfort and well-being of our employees.
Our original program consisted of weekly ‘Wonderful Wednesdays,’ in which a variety of fresh fruit is brought in for all employees to enjoy, and our weekly massage therapy sessions, where a professional masseuse comes in for two hours for employees to receive free massages as needed.

However, in an attempt to better develop our employee health and wellness efforts, RIVA has recently introduced two additional benefits for employees to enjoy: on-site physical therapy sessions and nutritional consultations offered by a professional naturopath and health coach. Each of these new employee health and wellness initiatives is being implemented to raise the awareness of care for the physical body (muscles, joints, and bones) and provide employees with the support and knowledge they need to live healthily.
With the on-site physical therapy sessions only recently being made available to employees, there already has been a significant amount of positive feedback and care provided to employees.
Ashley Chabran, who works in the shipping and packaging department, described her experience with the physical therapist, saying “The therapy session was great! The doctor started with a massage and a series of vibration which released a lot of tension I had in my lower back. I had undergone a back surgery some time ago, so the therapist recommended I undergo a series of procedures in the future, which will help my back.”

The results of setting health and wellness programs, such as these, in place within an organization are that not only are employees more comfortable, but a subsequently happier work environment is formed and productivity increases. Riva differentiates itself from other jewelry manufacturers not only through our high-quality products and service but also through recognizing the value of our employees and creating an immensely positive workplace atmosphere through the allocation of resources and attention to their well-being.