From Cleopatra admired in gold accessories and the ravishing Marilyn Monroe singing about diamonds to fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and his Belperron diamond brooch – both women and men have always been adorned with jewelry throughout history. It’s no surprise that everybody loves fine jewelry, as every piece is a form of art.  

Designing and creating jewelry is one of the most gratifying careers in the art world. The idea of transforming a creative sketch into a piece of wearable art is exciting and fulfilling. Don’t let your creative vision go to waste by making sure you’re working with a reliable jewelry manufacturer. 

If you’re a designer, a retailer, or a jewelry wholesaler, this blog post is for you! Read on to know more about the advantages of buying jewelry from a local manufacturer. 

Buying American Made Jewelry 

There’s a lot of buzz with buying local products these days. Minimizing carbon footprint and supporting the art of local designers is not only profitable for everyone, but it is also beneficial for the environment. In today’s uncertain economic times, one of the best ways to support American prosperity and innovation is to purchase goods that are produced right here in our homeland. There is significant value in choosing local from a clean energy and sustainability standpoint. 

Local manufacturers like Riva Precision Manufacturing in New York, are held to a regulatory standard high standard to provide efficient and high-quality service while not harming our environment. Not only are you supporting local products when you buy American made jewelry, but you are also supporting skilled artisans and the success of their businesses, which has been the foundation of American innovation and ingenuity. 

Benefits of Buying Jewelry from a US-based Manufacturer

Buying jewelry – like diamonds and gemstones – isn’t always easy as it may seem. You want to make sure that the fine artistry behind every cut and design is made perfectly the way you want it to be. 

Save your money and effort from going overseas to meet a jewelry supplier or relying on online communication to make deals. Relieve yourself of the stress by having your designs produced by a manufacturer based in the US. Here are 5 benefits of choosing an American jewelry manufacturer. 

Better Inspection of Quality
Looking only at pictures is not enough to inspect the jewelry’s quality. You can’t be sure whether the aquamarine stones are exactly as how it looks or if the ring shanks are cut perfectly by solely looking at pictures. Even if the jewel supplier describes the pieces of jewelry in detail online, you would still want to check the artistry and quality of every design personally.

Accurate Custom Designs

If you prefer specific settings for diamonds rings or ring mountings in mind, you would want them to be accurately crafted as much as possible. Working with a manufacturer online poses a lot of difficulties and might not satisfy the design you like. That is why it’s better to be working with people you can quickly meet and explain your preferred shape, cut and color. For instance, you can make the engraving on jewellery be crafted on-the-go, right on-the-spot. The process would be a lot easier and efficient on your part, especially when it comes to customized jewelry. 

Faster lead time
Time greatly matters. Every merchant wants the products they ordered to be produced on time or earlier. By choosing to have your jewelry manufactured locally, you can save time wasted on international shipping, which takes several days and may even cost you more. Working with an American manufacturer is also efficient when you make rush orders. They’ll be able to accommodate you better and attend to your needs. 

First-Hand Customer Service
Another perk of working with local manufacturers is that you’ll have the chance to visit their manufacturing site and communicate with the artisans and jewelers in person. If you need alterations, repairs, and other services on the products you ordered, you can easily reach them to answer your needs.  

Avoiding Scams
When you’re only communicating online with a manufacturer based abroad, there’s always the risk of getting scammed for profit. It’s either you’re paying for fake pieces of jewelry or a non-existent manufacturer. While it does not happen often, it’s still better to be vigilant. Avoid yourself from getting scammed by working with a reputable jewelry manufacturer, like Riva Precision Manufacturing.

Settle a Great Deal
Great deals are best settled in person. If you aim to be a wholesaler of jewellery, then it’s better to come into an agreement with a manufacturer that you can meet in person. Many local manufacturers also offer deals on-site to show their clients how they put into action their expertise and to show their appreciation for making the right choice of working with them. 

Owning Your Designs

Are you worried about people stealing your original designs? The possibility of other people taking your work and using it for their own gain without permission is a grim reality. One of the best ways to protect your design from being copied is by working with a reputable local manufacturer. Choose to work with people who value every jewelry designer’s work and ensure a safe and sound buying experience.

On-Time Delivery

Local manufacturers are more likely to deliver on time as they have better control of their couriers and shipping schedule. Supply chains are more reliable in the US, so rest assured that meeting deadlines won’t be a problem when you choose to work with a dedicated local manufacturer.


Why Choose Riva?


Designing and buying jewelry makers supplies is always exciting, but it can be stressful when you end up working with manufacturers that can’t satisfy your specific design and likes. Consider working with people who locally make their crafts with love and values their clients. And sooner or later, you can also look forward to witnessing your designs worn by some of the most famous personalities around the world.


Riva Precision Manufacturing has been working in the field for over three decades in the heart of New York City. Riva guides its clients to make their original sketches into high-quality polished beauty. With Riva’s unparalleled craftsmanship, rest assured you’re provided with excellent jewelry manufacturing solutions and best service in the industry. Moreover, you are also supporting a bigger picture by choosing to work with local manufacturers. 

For more information, visit Riva Precision Manufacturing Facebook page or stop by our site in Brooklyn, NY today for a tour of our capabilities.