Initiated and overseen by The Alliance for Responsible Mining, the Fairmined Standard and Mark allow manufacturers an avenue to confidently purchase gold and silver from small mining organizations held to a high social and environmental standard.

Certified mines have no link to direct conflict situations and no child labor. Socially, purchasing Fairmined gold supports miners’ right to organize, gender equality, stable jobs, and a healthy and safe workplace. Environmentally, it supports the safe and reduced handling of chemicals, protection of water supplies often where governmental regulations are lax, and small-scale operations with low environmental impact.

POTOSI, BOLIVIA – SEPTEMBER 17: Miners during the work in an ancient gold mine and of silver in Potosi in September 17, 2011

This initiative aims to elevate a trade currently responsible for many human right violations and habitat destruction. As it is now, small-scale gold mining is severely corrosive to the environment and the health of those working in and living near mining operations. To make the issue more concrete, for every .33 ounce gold ring produced, approximately 20 tons of toxic waste is dumped as a byproduct (Brilliant Earth).This waste is full of cyanide, mercury, and other heavy metals, decimating wildlife and poisoning nearby towns.

Ever since its inception in 2014, 958 Kilos of Fairmined gold had been sold to the market . Backed by a rigorous third party certification and audit system, the certification assures manufacturers, distributors, and consumers that their product material can be traced back to the mine of origin and has been held to the highest industry standard. Fairmined Authorized suppliers and licensed brands lists can be found on their website.

Even though RIVA Precision has been using strictly certified recycled metals for years, we jumped at the chance to provide certified Fairmined gold jewelry.  Over the past year, we have become an Fairmined Authorized Supplier and are the only company providing Fairmined gold chain. Too often, the typical consumer and even those in the jewelry industry aren’t aware of the gravity of the issue at hand. We hope that, sooner rather than later, the demand for Fairmined or recycled metals and make dirty gold a thing of the past.