Product Development

The RIVA product development team works with you to take your idea from sketch, CAD or model, and turn it into a consistent, fully engineered product ready for your approval. Our team ensures product excellence using our state-of-the-art technology and leading industry project management team. The PD team is composed of jewelry customer service specialists, CAD designers, model makers, and engineers. Together, they provide our clients with a reliable support system to ensure their ideal product from design to delivery.

Laser Engraving

RIVA’s team of skilled engravers and welders provide unique welding and hallmarking capabilities by using state-of-the-art laser technology while still preserving old-world charm and elegance.

Diamond Setting

RIVA’s team of advanced setters, equipped with microscopes, the latest technology, and years of experience provide advanced setting capabilities including prong, bezel, pave and micro-pave on all types of precious metals.

Casting Department

Using the expertise gained over 28 years, the RIVA’s casting department utilizes best-in-class technologies from diverse industries to bring your designs from 3D printed model to production. Custom processes ensure the delivery of a highly consistent end product. Capabilities include: platinum, yellow, white and rose gold, and sterling silver. Have precise metal specifications? Not a problem. We also make our own grain.

Chain Manufacturing

For the past 16 years, RIVA’s chain manufacturing department provides an in-house capability seldom seen by subcontract manufacturers. In fact, most of the pieces we provide our clients include chain manufactured under our own roof.

Stamping Department

In many cases, stamping is essential to an optimal production process. This is why we carry some of most trusted foot presses as well as heavy industrial presses such as those used in the coining industry.


For those customers desiring colors only plating can provide, our rhodium and plating team is ready at your service.

Polishing Department

Hand polishing brings forth the final beauty of a jewelry piece. The focused attention of our polishers brinsg to fruition the finished piece of art the designer had in mind.

Jewelry Department

The RIVA fine jewelry team is a handful of our top craftsman experienced in bringing your designs to production. Working hand in hand with the product development team, they ensure that your exact design requirements are reproduced without compromise.

CNC Department

As jewelry making enters the twenty-first century, RIVA’s CNC team uses leading edge technology, such as advanced CAD-CAM and precision robotics to work with designers in developing product fabrication techniques using modern technology to enhance our craftsmanship capabilities.


JCK named enameled jewelry a “trend that will define 2017”. Over the past few years, we have perfected our enameling processes to provide color rich jewelry of the highest quality. The variety of colors enameling provides are guaranteed to make your design a show stopper. Whether you choose epoxy, ceramic, or hard enamel, our expert team can make your colors shine.

Mass Finishing

RIVA’s mass finishing department is stocked with traditional tumbling machines as well as advanced systems that provide finishing consistency and shorter turnaround time.

Tool, Die & Metal Fabrication

RIVA Precision’s team of tool & die makers, metal fabricators and stamping experts can transform metal to meet diverse needs. Unlike other manufacturers who rely on dies, machine parts and materials shipped from other vendors, we make them in house, giving us greater control over our machines and less down time. This has proven invaluable to communication and quick process development.

Tube Making

In-house tube making gives us the ability to deliver exact ring sizes and avoid issues known to arise when using the casting method.

Quality Control

The quality control team ensures that only the finest jewelry gets into your hands. After each step, jewelry is inspected for precision. Attention is paid to refining RIVA’s processes and procedures to ensure that clients designs are produced reliably and consistently. Because QC is such a crucial part of the work we do, we are currently obtaining ISO approval for all of our systems. ISO approval is a global quality standard that applies to various high-tech industries like electronics, automotive and aerospace. Because RIVA caters to a global market, it imperative that RIVA lives up to a global standard.
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