Blurring the Line Between Engineering and Art

We provide designer-driven manufacturing solutions that are devised, crafted, and forged using the sharpened edge of enduring expertise. With all of our manufacturing components located in-house, our inventive application of time-tested techniques provide our clients, both prospective and active, a sense of inevitable satisfaction.

Conservation Minded

Riva has made a commitment to do its part to conserve our natural resources. Water is our most precious resource, so we take care to remove impurities by filtering the water we use before releasing it back to our community. The metal byproducts of our manufacturing process are reclaimed also. These are just a couple of examples of how we practice conservation. Our desire is to preserve and protect what we have been given so that future generations can enjoy what we do today.

Environmental Stewardship

Riva cares for the environment by monitoring our energy usage and environmental impact. Simple things like installing energy efficient lighting, reducing our energy consumption during working hours and ongoing performance maintenance of our machinery to ensure optimal output without waste are examples of what we do to reduce carbon emissions and our carbon footprint. Each Riva team member knows that tomorrow depends on how we take care of things today.

Ethical Responsibility

We live by the Golden Rule so we will never buy products (precious metals, gems, etc.) from sources we do not know or trust. We will not create work conditions that deprive our team members of human dignity or a safe environment. And we will never compromise ourselves for a shortcut. These principles are non-negotiable and are part of the Riva DNA.

Strong Industry Partnerships

No company can flourish in a vacuum. RIVA realizes the importance of strong industry and community partnerships to our health and growth. We are proud to be members of and show our support to the following organizations and communities.

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